Flexible coverage in case of critical illness.

Keep your options open

Spend your payout on whatever is important to you—from time off work to family travel to medical care not covered (or available) in Canada.

Prepare for the unexpected

​This policy offers protection for up to 261 of the most serious illnesses and medical events including cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Expect the best outcome

Select our return-of-premium feature, and if there is no benefit paid out for a critical illness you can have up to 100% of your premiums back.

Key product details

Premiums Fixed, based on age, gender, medical history, family history and level of coverage
Term Customizable, 5-100 years

Frequently Asked Questions

ATB Wealth™ offers comprehensive protection products and services—like Critical Illness Insurance—through our subsidiary ATB Insurance Advisors Inc (ATBIA). These insurances can only be purchased through ATBIA, which acts as a broker and searches from our pool of nine selected providers to find the best policy for a client's needs.

Critical Illness Insurance only pays the benefit if your diagnosis falls within the definitions of the policy contract’s covered illnesses.

If you are diagnosed with a critical illness, your insurance advisor will assist you in submitting a claim (which will include medical information from your doctor or specialist). Once your claim is processed and approved, your payout should arrive shortly after.

You can purchase this protection with options and a timeline to suit your needs—either for a fixed term or indefinitely.

Most contracts also include opportunities to use programs like "Best Doctors" which give you access to the best medical doctors, treatment plans and support. Even if you haven't been diagnosed with a critical illness, if you believe you have a serious health problem you may be able to access additional medical opinions from experts around the world. You can also extend this access to members of your family—even if they're not included in your insurance policy.

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Sometimes life doesn't work out as planned. That's where Critical Illness Insurance comes in.

​Find the disability and critical illness insurance that's right for you.

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