Customized disability coverage as long as you need it.

We've got your back

Disability Insurance will pay you a percentage of your established income, allowing you to maintain your lifestyle while you're not working.

It's not all-or-nothing

​Choose from flexible contracts that allow you to receive a partial benefit if you are able to work reduced hours during recovery.

All your bases are covered

You can choose a policy that's more expensive now, but allows you to reclaim your premiums if you don't claim a disability benefit later.

Key product details

Premiums Based on occupation, insured income, waiting period and benefit duration
Benefit duration 2 years, 5 years or up to age 65

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we strongly advise you to consider an individual plan.

With any group disability insurance plan, the employer, union or association is the owner and manager of the group policy. This means they could decide to change your coverage, change insurance companies or even terminate the group plan altogether (causing your coverage to end).

ATB Wealth™ offers comprehensive protection products and services—like Disability Insurancethrough our subsidiary ATB Insurance Advisors Inc (ATBIA). This type of insurance can only be purchased through ATBIA, which acts as a broker and searches from our pool of nine preferred providers to find the best policy for a client's needs.

Yes. All of our medical and financial underwriting (risk assessment) is completed at the time of your application. If we discover risks at this time, your policy may be issued with an exclusion.

If your health improves, you may be able to remove exclusions at a later date by updating your medical information.

If your health deteriorates or you develop a new condition, your premiums and your level of coverage will remain the same until the end of your policy term.

It depends. Consuming small amounts of cannabis recreationally will not change your status as a smoker or non-smoker. If you have a prescription for medicinal cannabis use, your risk assessment will be based on the condition for which the cannabis has been prescribed.

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When you are disabled, your income stops, but your bills don't. Protect your health—and your lifestyle—with Disability Insurance.

​Find the disability and critical illness insurance that's right for you.

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