Term life insurance, so you're always completely covered.

Top up your coverage

​Even if you already have a life insurance policy, it may not cover all of your expenses or contingencies, so you may need extra coverage.

Cover short-term risks

​Term life insurance is affordable protection that you can purchase for the duration of possible financial burdens to your beneficiaries.

Plan for the unexpected

​Term Life Insurance is renewable past your original term and convertible to a permanent plan—because you can't always predict the future.

Key product details

Premiums Based on age, gender, medical history and level of coverage
Term Customizable, 5-100 years

Frequently Asked Questions

ATB Wealth™ offers comprehensive protection products and services—like Term Life Insurance—through our subsidiary ATB Insurance Advisors Inc (ATBIA). This type of insurance can only be purchased through ATBIA, which acts as a broker and searches from our pool of nine selected providers to find the best policy for a client's needs.1

Premiums are guaranteed for the full term of a contract. If you renew your contract, however, your premiums can go up substantially.

You can carry over the coverage based on your initial medical assessment.

Not always. Term insurance is the most affordable option to get additional coverage for your initial term, but it often becomes much more expensive if you wish to keep it when the term is finished. If your health has changed, this would also be a future consideration. Prior to your term insurance renewing, this would be an ideal time to meet with your insurance specialist to review your current situation and customize a plan that is more suitable for you today and into the future.

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