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Whole Life Insurance

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Fixed monthly or annual premiums with a guaranteed payout.

Guaranteed premiums, guaranteed benefit

Pass on a guaranteed sum of money to your beneficiaries. That sum grows over your policy term, but your premiums stay the same.

Accumulated wealth, deferred taxes

Get life insurance that's also an expertly managed, tax-preferred environment for your money to grow. Withdraw your funds at any time.

Tax and estate planning

Plan for charitable gifting, estate equalization among your heirs, your final tax bill and any debts outstanding at the time of your death.

Key product details

Premiums (fixed) Based on age, gender, medical history and coverage level

Frequently Asked Questions

ATB Wealth™ offers comprehensive protection products and services—like Whole Life Insurance—through our subsidiary ATB Insurance Advisors Inc (ATBIA). This type of insurance can only be purchased through ATBIA, which acts as a broker and searches from our pool of nine selected providers to find the best policy for a client's needs.1

Investment of the cash value of your Whole Life Insurance policy is deposited into the insurance company’s participating fund which is managed the insurance company to ensure stable performance over the long term and maximize policyholder dividends.

As the policy owner, you share in the earnings of the participating investment fund through dividends. These dividends are paid at the discretion of the insurance company and can be used to reduce future premiums, purchase more insurance or increase the cash value of your policy.

Yes. The cash value in the policy is yours to use at your discretion, within the guidelines of your policy contract. You may wish to speak with an insurance advisor as there are multiple ways to access the cash value and determine which option is best for your personal situation.

This insurance contract suits ATB clients of all ages, from children to adults. The longer you hold the contract, the more the benefit and cash values have time to grow.

The best time to purchase life insurance is when you’re young and healthy because premiums are less expensive and as your health changes you may no longer be eligible for insurance.

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