Residential outbuildings

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Grow your space. Complete your dream home. With an ATB mortgage you can expand your possibilities with in-law suites, residential shops and more.

Residential outbuilding financing options for more possibilities

Up until recent years, Alberta homeowners have had few funding options for building new additions on their residential property, like in-law suites, carriage houses, garden suites, residential shops.

As the first financial institution to offer Alberta clients mortgage solutions for residential outbuildings, ATB is proud to deliver innovative financing options that reflect the true needs of our clients.

Say hello to homegrown equity.

We champion what you want

We believe Albertans deserve to build the home they want. It’s why we spearheaded changes to lending policy and were the first Canadian financial institution to offer outbuilding financing.

Eligible residential outbuildings

Most garages, suites, shop-houses and residential shops are eligible for valuation and financing, as long as they’re for personal use only. Outbuildings used for business purposes are not eligible.

Versatile, flexible mortgages

Purchasing a new property? Finance your outbuilding with our Insured Mortgage or Conventional Mortgage. If you’re refinancing or renewing a mortgage on an existing property, you can finance with a Conventional Mortgage.

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Frequently asked questions

Every client—and every residential outbuilding—is unique, and so we consider each mortgage application on its own merits. However, in general, for a residential outbuilding to be eligible for valuation and financing, it must be:

  • For residential use only; the outbuilding cannot serve any business purpose
  • A permanent structure on your property
  • Designed and constructed with high quality
  • Marketable, as verified by an appraisal which will be arranged and completed during the financing process

Ineligible structures include, but are not limited to, outhouses, lean-tos, sheds, horse shelters, or existing outbuildings that are deemed to have no value or are in inadequate condition as determined by the appraisal.

If you plan to use your outbuilding for business purposes at any time, it’s ineligible for financing under an ATB residential mortgage. But, there may be a solution available to you through our business financing.

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