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ATB FX is an efficient, accessible way to manage your business’ currency conversion needs.

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ATB FX: Tutorial Videos

Video: Completing a same-day trade is easy with ATB FX. In this video, we’ll show you how to buy US Dollars, and also how to sell US Dollars back in Canadian Dollars.

Video: What are forward contracts? Forward contracts can allow you to lock in exchange rates today for transactions that will happen in the future. Learn more in this video.

Video: ATB FX third-party access In this video, we’ll show you how to toggle between different legal entities within the ATB FX platform, for example between a parent and subsidiary company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can view the status of trades awaiting payment from the All Transactions summary. If you have successfully submitted your payment and delivery instructions, your status will be “Approved.” If you haven’t inserted instructions yet, your status will be “Incomplete.” If you have inserted instructions, but haven’t submitted and approved them, your status will be “Incomplete.”

Yes. To prevent delays in payment processing, please ensure your settlement instructions are approved by:

  • CAD/USD trades: 2:30pm on the trade value date.
  • GBP trades: 2:30pm, 1 weekday before the trade value date.
  • All other currencies: 2:30pm, two weekdays before the trade value date.

Yes, you have the option to split delivery between multiple beneficiaries. In the Payment Details you can add multiple beneficiaries and divide the total amount by percentage (%) or by dollar value ($) of the currency that you purchased. You won’t be able to complete the settlement until the Remaining Amount is $0.00.

Yes, you can split your funding accounts before the maturity date of the trade. On the Transaction Details page, select your trade and then divide your funding by percentage (%) or by dollar value ($) of the currency that you are selling. You won’t be able to complete the settlement until the Remaining Amount is $0.00.

The platform is available 24 hours a day, except for a brief period between 3-3:15pm MT for daily maintenance to accommodate the 5pm ET market rollover. You will be able to book FX transactions between Monday at 7am MT and Friday at 3pm MT. Outside of this trading window, you will still be able to manage settlements on the ATB FX platform. Read more FAQs (PDF)

On US holidays like July 4, we still have rates for you to purchase USD. Since we cannot move US funds on ATB FX during US holidays, you will not be able to get a rate quote for Same-Day. Simply select SPOT, so you will be purchasing the funds for the next business day. In this example, July 5th is when you will see the funds move through your accounts.

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