How to delete or edit bill payees on ATB Personal

Learn how to delete or edit a bill payee quickly and easily on the ATB Personal banking app.

If you’re looking to update your creditor/payee information or clean up your list of contacts, it’s a quick task in ATB Personal.

  1. Log in to your ATB Personal app
  2. From the Overview screen, tap More in the primary navigation
  3. From the More menu, tap Manage contacts
  4. On the Manage Contacts screen, tap the Payees tab
  5. From your list of registered payees, tap the payee name you want to delete or edit
  6. To delete a payee:
    1. Tap the Delete link
    2. Review and verify your request then tap Delete payee
  7. To edit a payee:
    1. Edit the Payee Account Number and/or Nickname
    2. Tap Save
    3. If you’ve enrolled in two-factor authentication, you may be challenged to verify your identity


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