How to log in to ATB Personal using your temporary password

Learn how to log in to the ATB Personal banking app using a temporary password you received from our Client Care team.

Before accessing ATB Personal for the very first time, or after having your password reset by our Client Care team, you’ll be given a temporary password with which to log in. Existing online banking users will be able to reset their passwords inside ATB Personal, while new users will be temporarily directed to ATB Personal.

  1. Launch the ATB Personal app
  2. Be sure to have your temporary password handy
  3. Log in to your account using your username and temporary password
    1. Once logged in, an existing customers will be prompted to reset their password
    2. New customers will be redirected to ATB Personal to do the same
    3. Existing customers may be challenged with a security question or, if enabled, two-factor authentication to verify their identity
  4. On the Reset Password screen, enter and re-enter a new password following the stated requirements
  5. Tap Reset password
  6. Follow the instructions to set up two-factor authentication if you’ve not done so previously 
  7. Accept the Terms & Conditions if presented
  8. You're all done!


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