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Frequently Asked Questions

Access to ATB Business Online and the ATB Business Mobile app is free for any holder or co-holder of an ATB personal or small-medium business account.

It’s important to remember that, even though access is free, if you make bill payments or transfers (except between your own ATB accounts) using ATB Online or ATB Mobile, those payments and transfers count toward the number of transactions included in your monthly account fee. If you make transactions beyond those your monthly account fee covers, you may be charged an over-limit fee based on the number and type of additional transactions. Transfers between your own ATB accounts are always free and do not count toward any monthly transaction limit that applies to your account.

Additional fees may apply to specific transactions, such as Interac e-Transfer®, Global Transfers, Online Tax Payments & Filing and foreign exchange transactions, however, ATB offers a competitive fee structure for these that can be tailored to your business needs.

ATB has extensive security features in place to ensure that all your digital banking is safe and private. Your accounts are protected by our secure login pages, strong firewalls and careful encryption of information. ATB does not sell, share or trade your personal information, nor do we permit its use by any other company or organization. We will never ask you for any more information than we need to best serve your financial needs.

We do recommend that you protect your password, use a firewall and employ anti-virus and anti-spyware software as a matter of course. Keep your browser and operating system up-to-date, and clear your cache after every visit to a secure site (such as ATB Online). And finally, always be alert to the wide-spread danger of online fraud.

Refer to our Online Banking Guarantee for more information.

Visit our ATB Business support page here or access the tutorials via the main menu on ATB Business. You’ll be able to view helpful business banking tutorials and other resources to get the most out of ATB Business. Should you still require assistance, call us 1-877-363-4855.


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