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INTERAC e-Transfer for Business now offers account number routing.

You can now receive funds directly to your ATB account number from businesses whose financial institutions support the new Interac e-Transfer for Business functionality. The ability to send funds to a recipient's account number from your ATB account will be available in 2022.

Keep your business banking safe and simple.

Simplify your deposits

No security question asked. Link your company email to an ATB account through Autodeposit and funds sent by Interac e-Transfer to that email address will be automatically deposited.

Stop chasing payments

Request Money by Interac e-Transfer: email notifications and reminders make it easier for your Canadian customers to pay you.

Start making electronic payments

Send money to anyone with a Canadian bank account. All you need is an email address.

Key product details

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Interac e-Transfer
Receive money by
Interac e-Transfer
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Request Money by
Interac e-Transfer
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Interac e-Transfer limit
Receive money by
Interac e-Transfer limit

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Go to Payments & Transfers > Interac e-Transfer > Send Money
  2. Complete the form
  3. Select:
    • Next to review
    • Back to make changes
    • Send to complete the transfer

Providing account information to the sender allows money sent by Interac e-Transfer to be securely deposited into your account immediately. No additional measures (such as security questions) will be needed.

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ATB Financial will offer this feature in 2022.

Until then, send payments to an account number using an EFT or wire.

You can also continue to send funds by Interac e-Transfer to a phone number or email address.

Autodeposit is a service that allows you to receive funds by Interac e-Transfer without needing to answer a security question. When funds are deposited to your account via Autodeposit, you’ll receive an email detailing the sender’s name, amount and (if applicable) attached memos.

Autodeposit requires you to register an email address in your online banking and assign an account where you would like your transfer deposited. Once registered, any transfer sent by Interac e-Transfer to your registered email address will automatically be deposited into your account. 

To register:

  1. Go to Payments & Transfers > Interac e-Transfer > Autodeposit
  2. Complete and submit the registration form

If you've sent funds by Interac e-Transfer and they have not been deposited, you can cancel that transfer from your transaction history in ATB Online Business.

If you've sent funds and they have been deposited, they can not be returned.

If you suspect that you are a victim of fraud and a transfer has been sent from your account without your knowledge, please contact ATB Client Care at 1-800-332-8383 as soon as possible.

Transfers sent by Interac e-Transfer are processed immediately. Once accepted, the funds are available to the recipient.

Funds sent by Interac e-Transfer are processed immediately. However, it can take up to 30 minutes or more for the recipient to be notified of the transaction.

The recipient then needs to accept the funds in order to complete the transaction. 

Note: ATB Financial may put a hold on an transfer to confirm there is no risk of fraud. This is an important safety measure designed to protect your money.

  • Security questions and answers
    Only your intended recipient can deposit the funds sent by Interac e-Transfer.
    Please ensure proper password security for maximum safety: only use a password that you and the recipient will know, do not include the answer in the memo or use a question that is common knowledge.
  • Autodeposit
    Any funds sent by Interac e-Transfer to your email are automatically deposited without the need for a security question or answer.
  • Receive payments directly to your account number

Entering a security question protects you if the recipient decides to disable Autodeposit or change their email address.

Assign permissions to:

  • Manage:
    • Interac e-Transfer profiles
    • Autodeposit
    • Recipients       
  • Send:
    • Money from specific accounts
    • Requests for money to be deposited into specific accounts
  • Receive:
    • Money to be deposited into specific accounts
    • Autodeposits into specific accounts

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