Send money internationally—quickly, easily and securely.

Low to no fees

Send up to $10,000 daily, with all standard transfers of $1,000 or more for free to most countries (see below). And if you want to send less, transfers are only $5.00.1

Ultimate peace of mind

Send a no-fee $15 test transfer2 first to make sure your recipient’s info is correct.

Easy online convenience

​Send a Global Transfer from your USD and CAD ATB accounts anytime, anywhere on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Fast, really fast

​Transfers take only one to three business days, depending on the country you're sending to.

They get what you send

​Real-time exchange rates and no other bank fees along the way.

Key product details

Processing time 1–3 business days
Destination countries Global Transfers are offered to 47 countries, in 28 currencies
Transfer rates $50–$999.99: $5.00
$1,000–$10,000: Free

Special countries3
$50–$10,000: $15.00
Transfer amount Single transfer: $50–$10,000
Daily sending limit: $10,000
$15 test transfer2 No fee

Are you a business looking for a global payments solution?

Pay your international vendors, access live market rates, and complete trades and international wire transfers in minutes with ATB FX Online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Already an ATB client? You’ll need a current address on file with ATB, as well as your recipient’s name and address, bank country, account name and account number. Specific countries may require additional information prompted by the system, which could include branch code, transit code, routing number, purpose of payment, etc.

Keep in mind, when sending to US bank accounts, the American Bankers Association (ABA) routing number needed is the automated clearing house (ACH) or electronic transfers number, not the Fedwire ABA routing number.

Not an ATB client? Browse our accounts and sign up easily online.

All service fees are provided up front at the time of your Global Transfer request. You may be charged an additional fee if your recipient's information is incorrect and their bank returns the transfer. You can avoid this by sending a free test transfer of up to $15 to your recipient.2

ATB Global Transfers rates are based on real-time foreign exchange rates for all Global Transfers, including US dollar exchanges. This ensures you receive accurate, real-time pricing every time you send a Global Transfer. Rates are locked in at the point of submitting the transaction.

This may come up when sending to recipients in the Philippines, Thailand or other countries. You can see the list of banks in the Philippines and Thailand that accept Global Transfers in our handy PDF. Please visit an ATB branch to send a wire transfer instead.

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