Agriculture Loans

Evergreen Financing

Re-advanceable financing to expand your agricultural operation.

When opportunity knocks

When you have an opportunity to buy land, equipment, livestock or quota, write the cheque knowing the funds are there for you to access.

Avoid multiple loan applications

​Be approved annually for one amount that you can access through a series of loans, each with its own separate terms, rates and amortization.

Evergreen means renewable credit

​When you pay off your loans, those sums become available to you again. Your approved amount (less any current loans) is always accessible.

Key product details

Amount No minimum or maximum amount
Interest Rate Competitive interest rate and fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in some cases. Capital purchases (purchases of land or equipment) are secured by those pieces of land or equipment until you've repaid the loan.

When it comes to harvesting crops or taking livestock to market, timing is everything. With an Evergreen Line of Credit, you can set up loans to buy equipment, livestock, quota or land. When good opportunities arise, the Evergreen Line of Credit allows you to finance time-sensitive purchases that contribute to the overall success of your operation. 

For borrowing needs under $50,000, consider the convenience of an Alberta Businesscard or Alberta Rewards Businesscard

Connect with an expert.

When an unexpected opportunity comes up for your farm or ranch, you'll already have financing on hand with an Evergreen Line of Credit.

​Find the right loan for your agriculture business.

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