Amplify Business GIC

The perfect balance of earning potential and flexibility.

Multiply your extra cash

Have some extra cash on hand? Invest $1,000 or more in an Amplify GIC and watch it grow.

Cash in without penalty

Need capital, fast? Cash in your Amplify GIC any time, without penalty.

Earn more over time

The longer you leave your money in, the better your rate and return. Consider a one-year fixed term to make your investment work harder.

Key product details

Fees No penalty for early withdrawal
Interest earned See current rates1
Term range Earn full rate of return after one year. Redeem anytime
Minimum investment Just invest a minimum of $1,000 and watch it grow
Cashability Redeem any time (refer to rates of interest above)
Investment plan Keeping your GIC for the full year term yields the best interest rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can start with a minimum investment of only $1,000.

You must withdraw the full amount of the investment if you decide to remove funds prior to the end of the full term at one year.

All new funds are added as a new GIC starting on day 0. So, if you added new funds at day 180 to your existing GIC, you would have some funds available at the rate for 180 days and some funds available at 0.0%.

There is no penalty to withdrawing funds before 30 days have passed, although interest will not be earned on these funds.

Please reach out to your Relationship Manager or Account Manager for current maximum balance limits.

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The Amplify Business GIC is a smart, cashable, term investment designed to grow your invested funds while making your money available if you need it.

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