Business Redeemable GIC

A fully redeemable investment with guaranteed returns.

Grow your money

Earn guaranteed interest with no fees or redemption penalties.

Low minimum investment

With an initial investment of only $1,000, you can start to make the most of your hard-earned cash.

Easy access

​​​Withdraw money at any time with no penalty. Withdrawals can be made before the end of your term, but with a lower guaranteed rate of return.

Key product details

Fees No fees
Interest earned Rates depend on the term and interest frequency you select. Check current rates1
Term range All terms from 30/60/90/120/180/270 days, 1 year, and then annually up to 5 years
Minimum investment $500 or $1,0002
Cashability Can withdraw your cash anytime without penalty with different rates for redemption term

Frequently Asked Questions

Your original investment in the Business Redeemable GIC must be a minimum of $1,000 for terms less than one year and $500 for terms equal to or greater than one year.

When you cash a GIC, you get your principal back along with interest earned at the GIC's standard rate. That means that if you have a GIC designed to be 'cashable' before the end of its term, your principal earns full interest for as long as the money remains in your GIC.

Some cashable GICs have restrictions on specific portions of your term during which you can access your funds at the full rate of return.

When you have a GIC designed to be 'redeemable' before the end of its term, you can still get your full principal back, but with interest earned at a lower rate than if you left your principal in the GIC for the full term.

Redeemable GICs are typically redeemable in any point in your term—though how soon you redeem your principal may affect how much interest you earn.

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