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Visa Debit* enabled ATB debit card

Pay in more places, in more ways with a Visa Debit enabled ATB debit card.

Pay directly from your bank account.

Don’t let the Visa* logo throw you off. This card is not a credit card—it’s a debit card that works wherever Interac® and Visa Debit are accepted. Shop online and in-store worldwide, with debit.

It works in more places, in more ways.

Your ATB debit card is accepted at any merchant that accepts Interac or Visa Debit (in Canada) and Visa (outside Canada). Use it to pay for streaming service subscriptions, bills and more.

Purchase with peace of mind.

Covered by Interac Zero Liability and Visa Zero Liability policies, your ATB debit card protects you against certain unauthorized transactions made on your personal account.1

The new ATB debit card is here!

Contact your nearest ATB branch or agency to get your Visa Debit enabled card.

Frequently asked questions

Your new debit card can be used at any Canadian online retailer that accepts Visa Debit. It will also work at retailers that operate in Canada, but originate from outside of Canada, who only accept Visa. View a list of Canadian online retailers and charities that accept Visa Debit here.

Your Visa Debit enabled ATB debit card works like the previous ATB Interac flash debit cards, but processes transactions differently depending on how and where you use it.

  • To use it online:
    • Select Visa Debit (if available) or Visa at checkout.
      Note: When using your ATB debit card online, you may encounter Visa Secure—an additional verification program that helps protect you from fraud. To learn more, see Visa Secure.
  • To make in-person purchases in the US and internationally:
    • Select “credit” if prompted to choose between debit or credit.
    • Enter your PIN, if requested. Some retailers will ask you to sign for your purchase.

Yes, you can use your ATB debit card at non-ATB ABMs, but first, check to make sure the ABM will accept your debit card.

  • In Canada, your card can be used at any ABM that accepts Interac. At non-ATB ABMs, you are limited to cash withdrawals only.

    There is a standard $1.50 fee for using a non-ATB ABM. You’ll also be charged a fee by the ABM’s owner, which you’ll be prompted to approve before proceeding with the transaction. Depending on your account type, you may receive a credit of up to $4.50 back into your account to cover these fees.

  • Outside of Canada, your card can only be used to withdraw cash at ABMs that display the Visa logo.

    There is a standard $5 fee that applies per withdrawal at an international ABM. You’ll also be charged a fee by the ABM’s owner, which you’ll be prompted to approve before proceeding with the transaction. A foreign exchange fee may also apply. Depending on your account type, you may receive a credit of up to $8 back into your account to cover these fees.

Yes, if you withdraw money from an ABM that dispenses a currency that is not Canadian dollars, you will be charged a foreign exchange fee of 2.9%. For more details, see Additional Services and Associated Charges

As soon as you can, call us collect at:

We’ll flag your card as lost or stolen and arrange to send you a new one as soon as possible.

Yes, you can make mobile payments at merchants that accept both Interac and mobile wallet payments.

Yes, there are two different types of limits that are assigned to your debit card—one limit on how much money you can take out at an ABM at any one time and throughout the day (ABM withdrawal limit), and another limit on how much you can spend throughout the day using your debit card at stores, businesses and online (spending limit).

The foreign currency purchase amount will be converted to Canadian dollars (CAD) using the applicable exchange rate set by Visa on the day the transaction is posted to your account.

Following the conversion to CAD, you will be charged an additional fee of 2.9% for using your ATB debit card (through the Visa network) at a merchant or ABM that charges in a currency other than CAD.

The funds will be taken from your account when you make the purchase, including any advanced purchases or holds, such as reserving hotels or car rentals.

To tell if there are holds on your account, open ATB Online or the ATB mobile banking app and look at the account balances. If the available balance is less than the balance in your account, the difference between the two amounts is the hold amount.

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