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7 benefits of E-statements-why you should switch

Is it really worth switching to online bank statements? We share some of the benefits of E-Statements.

By ATB Financial 15 October 2021 1 min read

Maybe you’re new to online banking. Perhaps getting E-Statements sounds intimidating and confusing. While it can seem daunting at first, switching over to digital bank statements is actually quite simple.

But why switch to E-Statements in the first place? We’re glad you asked. Here are seven reasons why it’s worth making the change.

1. Protect the planet

While a paper statement here and there seems insignificant, they add up to big environmental costs.

PayItGreen, a coalition that promotes electronic billing, statements and payments, estimates that for every 5 per cent of households that switch to statements, payments and bills in the United States, 452,819 trees will be saved per year.

Switching to E-Statements is one small change that results in big benefits for the planet.

2. Cut the clutter

Paper takes up a lot of space, whether you have years worth of statements to store or your counter ends up buried in mail regularly. Going to E-Statements eliminates clutter and frees your space up for more of what you enjoy.

3. Save time 

Why wait for your statement to come in the mail (and risk it getting lost along the way) when you can have easy and instant access? If you bank with ATB, you can expect to get your statements an average of seven days sooner. 

4. Reduce stress

With your E-Statements all in one place (along with the rest of your online banking) you’ll have a comprehensive overview of your finances so you can manage your money well. Plus, you don’t have to stress about storing your statements or losing one.

5. Stay safe

You never have to worry about your bank statements getting lost in transit or delivered to the wrong address. Your E-Statements are accessible only to you and protected by your login credentials.

6. Anytime access

Whether you’re on vacation or on-the-go, you'll be able to easily access your E-Statements for review.

7. Simple sign-up

It’s actually really easy to get started with E-Statements. Learn how to view and download electronic statements on the ATB Personal banking website.

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