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Credit and Debt

Balance credit and debt to make your money work for you. 

Set yourself up for success.

Debt and credit can help you meet your financial goals when managed well—we’ll show you how.


Understanding credit card cash advances

Learn what a cash advance is, common types of cash advances, how fees and interest are applied, and what to do when a cash advance isn’t your best option.

Disputing charges to your credit card: FAQs

We answer the most frequently asked questions about chargebacks, including what a chargeback is, what types of transactions qualify, and what you need to dispute a charge.

Everything you should know about credit card limit increases

We cover everything you need to know about credit card limit increases including how to decide whether a limit increase is the right decision for you.

Paying online with a credit card versus a debit card

What should you use to pay for the purchases you make online? Here are the differences between paying online with your credit card versus your debit card.

How to choose a credit card that is best for you

What you need to consider when choosing a credit card that is best for you.

What is a line of credit and when to use one

Learn how a line of credit works, what makes it different from other credit options, about secured and unsecured lines, and the benefits of using a line of credit.

Person pulling credit card out of wallet in front of computer

How to use a credit card and line of credit effectively

Understand credit and how to manage it effectively.

Understanding personal loans

Join ATB as we uncover the subtle differences between secured, unsecured, debt consolidation, and payday loans. 

7 important credit lessons

Here are 7 credit tips to help you avoid debt drama.

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7 tips for building and protecting your credit—while avoiding fraud

Manage spending, build a good credit score, protect card information online and in public, and be aware of common fraud tactics.

Top 5 credit card myths (and what to believe instead)

Credit card myths are not only incredibly common, but incredibly expensive mistakes to make. Here are some myths that need to be debunked!

Upgrade your life with a line of credit

Whether you’re looking to afford your dream wedding, fix the radiator in your car, or simply top up your investments, a home equity line of credit (HELOC) can help make it happen.

Trip tips: Using your card south of the border

A few helpful credit card tips for your next trip or vacation down in the United States.

Your credit score explained

Here's a breakdown of the good, bad, and costly habits that affect your credit score.

Payments, interest, fees, and your Mastercard® balance

When you make a payment to your Mastercard®️ it goes toward your balance—after your interest charges and fees are all paid off.

How to protect your PIN

6 tips to help you protect your PIN and personal information.

How to redeem your ATB My Rewards points

Cash in your My Rewards Travel points for the trip, gift or cash deposit you’ve been dreaming of. Here’s how to do it.

Debt and Debt management

6 steps to consolidating your debt

Debt consolidation is a simple way to simplify your payments and save money on interest.

Budget your way out of debt

Here are a few tips to help you start saving and stop adding to your debt.

How to stay on track with your debt repayment

How to stay on track with your debt repayments. 

Why consolidate debt?

Debt consolidation involves borrowing money from one lower-interest lender to pay off your debts with other higher-interest lenders.

Prioritize to pay off consumer debt

If you're overwhelmed with consumer debt, prioritizing your individual debts can free up cash flow and help you pay off consumer debt more effectively.

Should I pay down debt or invest?

Your amount of debt, type of debt, years to retirement & expected investment return are all factors to consider when deciding whether to invest or pay off debt.

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