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What is ATB’s role in my child’s RESP?

By ATB Financial 12 March 2019 1 min read

ATB’s role in y​our child’s RESP is the same whether you open it with your Financial Advisor or over the phone. As your RESP provider, ATB has a number of responsibilities to facilitate the process and keep you informed of your options, deadlines,and everything else you need to know.


We’re here to listen, and help

First, ATB’s role is to help you understand the process of RESPs and answer all of your questions. Like any government offering, the rules and fine print can get pretty complicated and we’re here to make sure you feel confident in your new investment.

Do you want to read more about the basics and FAQs of RESPs? We’ve got you covered.

Do you want to speak to someone at ATB about your questions? Give us a call.

Do you want to dive into detail on the Government of Canada site? Happy reading.


We take care of the government grant and bond process

As your RESP provider, ATB applies for government grants and bonds on your behalf. We then facilitate the deposit into the RESP and then let you know once that is complete.

Government grants are a super beneficial part of RESPs. You can learn more about them here​ and specifically about important deadlines surrounding them here.


We keep your child informed

Once your child pursues postsecondary education and begins to receive Educational Assistance Payments, we keep them informed. We provide them with a breakdown of the account whenever payments are made so they can easily keep track of their funds.

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