Renew or Refinance

The time has come to renew your mortgage or refinance your home. Take a moment to review your options and find one that works for you.

How renewing or refinancing with ATB can work for you.

Up-front rates

Many lenders post inflated mortgage rates, then expect customers to negotiate. With our No Bull Mortgage principle, the rates you see are the rates you can expect to pay.

No unfair penalties

If you break and prepay your mortgage mid-term, our No Bull Mortgage can save you thousands in breakage (prepayment) fees, because our penalty is based on our posted real rate, not a posted inflated rate.

Renew early

Taking advantage of current interest rates earlier may save you money. You can renew your closed ATB mortgage within 90 days of maturity with no prepayment penalty. With an open mortgage, you can renew early at any time without penalty.

Take your mortgage with you

If you’ve fallen in love with a new home but want to keep your current interest rate, you can ‘port’ your existing ATB mortgage to your new home with the exact terms that remained at the time of the transfer and no prepayment penalties.

Blend and extend

Renew early, buy another property or refinance without a prepayment penalty. Blending and extending your fixed-rate ATB mortgage lets you combine interest rates, extend your current mortgage and borrow funds at your new blended rate.

​Find the renewal or refinancing option that works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, when a bank posts an 'inflated' (higher) mortgage interest rate than they're actually willing to offer you, the onus is on you, the customer, to see how far you can bargain the rate down. The problem with this scenario is that the bank has all the power. You don't know how low they're willing to go, and you may not know what an appropriate rate actually is—especially since looking at other banks' options means looking at other banks' similarly-inflated rates.

At ATB, we post the rate we're prepared to offer you—no need to bluff, second guess or twist our arms.

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