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I’m just starting to save

Does buying a home seem unrealistic or unattainable? We have advice and solutions to help you start saving now. Here’s where to start.

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From fixed to variable, and closed to open, we’ve got advice and mortgages that can help you go from home dreamer to homeowner. Start your journey.

My mortgage is coming up for renewal

Wondering if your current mortgage is right for you? Not sure what to do about fluctuating rates? We’ve got you covered. Start here.

I'm just starting to save


Saving on a limited budget

Strategies for growing your savings on a limited income.

saving for a down payment

Creative ways to save for a down payment

Explore our advice and discover your own unique plan to come up with a down payment.

first home savings account

Open a First Home Savings Account

Save for your first home and lower your tax bill with this unique financial tool.

I might be ready to buy

are you ready to buy a home

Take our quiz to find out if you’re ready to buy a home

Answer these seven questions to find out whether buying a house is the right financial choice for you right now.

home buying guide

From start to finish. ATB’s free Home Buying Guide.

Download our step-by-step guide to buying a home in Alberta to answer all of your home ownership questions.

get the right mortgage for right now

Get the right mortgage for right now

For a limited time, get $4,000 cash or our lowest rate with a new ATB mortgage. 

My mortgage is coming up for renewal


My mortgage term is ending. Now what?

Everything you need to know about your mortgage term ending and how to renew or move your mortgage to a different lender. 

mortgage rates

What should I do about fluctuating rates?

We’ll help you understand mortgage rates in our current home buying landscape.

get the right mortgage for right now

Switch to the right mortgage at ATB

For a limited time, get $4,000 cash or our lowest rate when you move your mortgage to ATB.

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Mortgage rates

See all ATB mortgage rates, including featured mortgages and offers.

Online pre-approval

Apply for a mortgage from the comfort of your home (or anywhere else with internet access).

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Book a one-on-one conversation about all things home buying with an ATB expert.

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