How to add payees and pay Canadian bills in your ATB Mobile app

Learn how to add payees and pay Canadian bills quickly and easily in your ATB Mobile app.

  1. Log in to your ATB Mobile app
  2. From the Accounts screen, tap the + (plus sign) icon and then tap
    Make a Payment
  3. From the Select an account drop-down menu, select the account From which you want to make the payment
  4. From the Select a payee drop-down menu, select the the payee you wish To pay
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  5. If you need to add a payee:
    1. From the Select a payee screen, tap the + (plus sign) icon in the upper right; alternatively, tap Payee Management in the Settings menu found by tapping the gear icon in the upper left of the Accounts screen
    2. Be sure to have the official name of the company you want to pay and your account number with them; both of these can be found on your regular billing statement
    3. On the Add Payee screen, tap the Choose a Payee drop-down menu then type the first three characters of the supplier/creditor's name (the ‘payee’); suggestions will automatically populate; helpful hint: cities or towns will be listed as City of…, Town of…
    4. Select the name of the creditor you wish to add
    5. A payee Nickname will be applied automatically;
      you can change it if you wish
    6. Enter your Account Number with that creditor and tap Add Payee
    7. If you’ve enrolled in enhanced security, you may be challenged to
      verify your identity
    8. Note that if you've paid a bill at one of our branches or with our Client Care team over the phone, ATB Mobile should reflect any payees you added through these channels
  6. Enter the Amount you wish to pay
  7. Leave the payment date (When?) as is or schedule a payment in the future (additional options will appear)
  8. Tap Continue then review and verify the bill payment details
  9. Tap Continue to complete the payment; note that payments posted through ATB Mobile may take 2-5 business days to be posted to your payee/creditor
  10. If you’re looking to set up direct debits (i.e. pre-authorized payments), you can use the Payroll, Direct Deposit or Direct Debit form

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