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Digital Assets, Web 3.0 and NFTs

What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and other types of digital assets? How Web 3.0 could incorporate blockchain technology.

Markets, investing and what matters most: Quarter in review Q2, 2021

The market declines of February and March 2020 seem a distant memory and have given way to a market that is benign in comparison. Let’s take a closer look.

Life after the vaccine: stock market recap and looking ahead to reopening

A look back at the primary drivers of stock market performance over the past year and how future performance may look given economic reopening and the potential for inflation.

Life after the vaccine: bond market recap and expectations upon reopening

Looking at how bond markets have reacted, and how they will continue to react, is probably the easiest way for us to relate to high-level economic predictions.

Inflation, transitory or cause for concern?

Inflation is a hot topic these days. While some concerns are legitimate, how things play out over the next few years remains to be seen.

Life after the vaccine: stimulus, savings, and spending

Potential reopening of the economy this year could open the floodgates for consumer spending. What will that mean for things like inflation & interest rates?

Life after the vaccine: economic resiliency

While it is difficult to forecast exactly what the future may look like, we can get some direction by looking at the economy following the Flu of 1918.

Markets, investing and what matters most: Quarter in review Q1, 2021

Get a holistic view on market updates and investment insights by Roger Lydiatt, CFA for ATB Private Investment Counsel, covering the latest quarter.

Understanding cryptocurrencies

What is blockchain, cryptocurrencies, how to buy them and what are the risks with investing in Bitcoin versus gold.

The Keystone XL Pipeline and your investments

Understanding how the recent US decision around the Keystone XL Pipeline may affect your investment portfolio and what you can do to help manage your risk.

The stock market is not the economy, and other lessons from 2020

Quarter in Review, Q4 2020

What tiny bubbles teach about investing through tough times

Written by Alexander Jones, CFA, for Private Investment Counsel. A year of uncertainties where a consistent approach is the best strategy to achieve your goals.

The US election and your investments

Should investors react to major market events such as the recent US election when making investment decisions?

Markets, investing and what matters most: Quarter in review - Q3, 2020

Government stimulus has helped global economies and capital markets to rebound in Q3 2020, while risks such as the progression of COVID-19 and the US election persist into Q4.

What you should know about US tech sector investment in 2020

What could be driving technology sector volatility in the S&P 500, and why should you diversify your investments across major market sectors over a long time horizon.

The pandemic, six months onward

Successful investing is driven by planning, discipline and patience. Four key tactics have helped us to weather the storm throughout 2020.

The impact of government debt and inflation on investors

How does the government borrow, what is the impact of higher government debt and inflation on investors? Investment solutions for low interest rate environments.

A tale of two quarters

In the first two quarters of 2020, investors witnessed both a sharp decline and a significant recovery. Here are a few important takeaways. 

The stock market and the economy

A review of what's happening in the energy sector and why the stock markets seem to be shrugging off those unsettling headlines and continuing to drive gains.

Why are we seeing negative crude oil prices?

What caused the negative crude oil prices and what it means for investors.

Common questions from investors during market turmoil

With market volatility high right now, here are a few questions investors may be asking.

Does market timing work?

Our best investing advice—because no one can perfectly time the markets.

The yield curve has inverted!

Inverted yield curves can predict recessions. Should you get out of the market? What does an inverted yield curve mean? Don’t panic.

Investing through geopolitical uncertainty

Despite the headlines of 24 hour news stations, economists and analysts, remaining calm and sticking to your plan is what will help you achieve investing success. 

How will the Trans Mountain Pipeline decision affect my investments?

We wanted to address those concerns and explain what the decision could mean for your investments.

The legalization of cannabis and your investments

Several cannabis companies experienced significant price gains through 2017, so much so that the industry was starting to look like a stock bubble.

Portfolio Manager - Market update - February 2018

When you look at market fluctuations in context, it’s easier to stay on track with your goals.

small vase holding US and Canadian flags


Over the past year, there has been some uncertainty caused by the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement. You can now lay some of those fears to rest.

Is it time to change your Canadian Equity Weighting?

Diversifying your investments is crucial to accommodate for the uncertainty of investing in geographic or economic sectors.

The legalization of cannabis and your investments

Several cannabis companies experienced significant price gains through 2017, so much so that the industry was starting to look like a stock bubble.

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