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Credit Cards

ATB Preferred® Variable-Rate Mastercard®

A low-fee, variable-rate credit card you can pay off at your own pace.

Variable interest

Get a variable interest rate that floats with ATB's prime rate—as low as prime +5% for purchases and prime +6% for cash advances.

Low annual fee

The ATB Preferred Variable-Rate Mastercard has a low annual fee of $29. Even if your interest rate changes, you never pay more for your card.

Personalize your plastic

Add a little fun and pizazz to your wallet! Choose from over a hundred images to add to your ATB Preferred Variable-Rate Mastercard using MyPic®.

Key product details

Annual fee $29
Purchase interest rate As low as prime +5%
Cash advance interest rate As low as prime +6%
Additional cards Free
MyPic® Free

Frequently Asked Questions

You're eligible to apply for an ATB Preferred Variable-Rate Mastercard if you meet all the following criteria:

  • are a resident of Alberta
  • are at least 18 years old
  • have not declared personal bankruptcy in the past five years
  • intend to use the card for personal use only

Yes. You can apply for this card with a co-applicant and use it jointly. Both co-applicants must meet the eligibility requirements.

For this card, a preferred rate is a lower interest rate. A typical purchase interest rate on our standard ATB Mastercards is 19.9% where a preferred variable purchase interest rate can be as low as Prime +5%. While the +5% (or +6% for cash advances) is fixed, the variable position is Prime. 

For example: if Prime is 2%, it means:
Purchase interest rate will be: 2% + 5% = 7%
Cash advance interest rate will be: 2% + 6% = 8%

Preferred variable rates can be slightly lower, but are subject to fluctuations with the prime interest rate. If consistency in your payments is important, a preferred fixed rate may be the better option.

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