How to set up biometric login for your ATB Mobile app

Learn how to set up biometric login for your ATB Mobile app.

This tutorial assumes that your phone supports biometric login and that it is enabled on your phone; otherwise, you may see related prompts from your mobile operating system.

  1. Log in to your ATB Mobile app
  2. From the Accounts screen, tap the Settings icon
    (the gear in the upper left of the screen)
  3. Toggle Biometric Login from off to on
  4. On the Biometric Login Setup screen, toggle from NO to YES to confirm that the biometric data stored on the device are only yours
  5. Read the biometrics agreement and tap Continue
  6. If you’ve registered for enhanced security
    1. Select the Delivery Method (how you’d like your code sent to you - SMS text message or Automated phone call) and tap Send Code
    2. Once you receive your code, enter it and tap Submit Code
  7. Biometric login is now set up for your mobile device

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