How to set up biometric login for ATB Personal

Learn how to set up biometric login for quicker, more secure access to the ATB Personal banking app.

Take advantage of your phone’s technology to log in quickly and securely using your face or fingerprint instead of a username and password. This tutorial assumes that your device supports biometric login and that it is enabled in your device settings; otherwise, you may see related prompts from your mobile operating system.

  1. Log in to your ATB Personal app
  2. From the Overview screen, tap More in the primary navigation
  3. From the More menu, tap Settings & password
  4. From the Settings & password menu, tap Biometrics settings
  5. On the Biometric Settings screen, toggle Use biometrics (Android) or Enable Touch ID/Face ID (iOS) from off to on
  6. You're done! Biometric login is now set up for your mobile device.


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