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ATB Business Mobile App

ATB Business Mobile App. Don’t wait. Do it now.

Most days you’re barely able to grab lunch. Swamped at your desk, jetting from meeting to meeting—no time in between. You need a banking app that get things done immediately. Wherever you are, whenever you need it—fast, safe, secure and easy to use on your smartphone or tablet.

Deposit cheques in a snap.

  • No more stack of cheques on your desk. Cash ’em when you get ‘em!
  • Don't wait. Delegate. Hand over the reigns for cheque deposits to a partner or employee.
  • Out of province? No ABM nearby? No problem.

Just snap a picture of the cheque with your phone and have it instantly deposited, no matter where you are or what time it is. It’s securely credited to your account in the same way it would be if you’d used an ABM.

Deposit cheques

Pay and get paid ASAP.

No more paper cheque runs, mail drops, postage and snail mail. With Interac e-Transfer®, get it all done, right from your phone.

Request Money is an easy way to remind customers to send a payment they owe you. And with Autodeposit, payments can be automatically deposited into your bank account—no security questions asked.

Not set up to send Interac e-Transfers through the app?
For Business & Agriculture clients, click here. You'll click the "get it now" button to get started.

For Corporate Financial Services clients, contact your Cash Management Relationship Manager to review your payment needs or call our Cash Management Support Team at 1-877-363-4855

Manage workflow like the boss you are.

  • Stuck in a meeting but need to approve your payroll?
  • Finally found time to approve an EFT when you got home?
  • Need a wire to get to Beijing before the cut-off but can't get into the office?

Push notifications tell you when transactions need approval. Approve, reject or call the employee who made the request, right from the app.


Easy access to everything you need.

"Favourite" the accounts you use most, see transactions awaiting approval, transfer money, and pay bills right from the home screen

Find what you need when you need it.

Choose from multiple filter options or the search bar to help you find what you’re looking for. The app will remember your filter preferences, too.

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®Interac is a registered trademark of Interac Inc., used under licence.


What if I don't have access to the app stores?

Use our ATB Business web app in your device browser.

How do I get ATB Business Mobile?

Download it from the App Store for Apple devices, or Google Play if you have an android. Don’t have either? Visit on your device browser to use a web version of the app.

Log in with the same username and password you use for ATB Online Business.

For success when using the app, the supported operating system requirements are listed below:
o iPhone: iOS7.1 and iOS7.0 operating system. To find out your current operating system, go to Settings > General> About > Version
o Android: Android 4.4 and 4.3 operating systems. To determine your current operating system, go to Settings >About Phone

Is ATB Business Mobile secure?

It has the same 100% security guarantee as your ATB Online Business account. We use industry-leading encryption technology to protect your data and no personal information is stored on your mobile device.

What if I suspect my username or password has been compromised?

Contact ATB Online Business Help at 1-888-655-5152 for assistance with resetting your username or password.

Do I need to be registered for ATB Online Business to use Business Mobile?

Yes. All business banking clients who sign up for ATB Online Business will have access to ATB Business Mobile.

How do I change my password for ATB Business Mobile?

Your password is the same for ATB Business Mobile and for ATB Online Business. You can change your password when you’re logged in to either. Where do you find this option? In ATB Online Business use the Self-Service tab and in ATB Business Mobile use the menu in the top right corner of your app.
Just remember, if you change it in one place, it automatically changes in the other.

How do I deposit a cheque with my phone?

The process is quick, easy and convenient.

From the app home screen you can swipe from right to left on the account you want to deposit the cheque into and select the blue Deposit a Cheque icon.

From the Deposit a Cheque screen you will:
• Select which account to deposit the cheque.
• Type in the amount of the cheque.
• Take a picture of the front and back of the cheque by selecting the camera icon.
• When complete, select Continue.
• From the review screen, confirm the details entered and review the ATB Hold Policy before depositing the funds into your account.
• The final screen in the Deposit a Cheque process provides confirmation the deposit was successful.

For Business & Agriculture clients, a mobile cheque deposit is considered a transaction based on account type. Corporate Financial Services clients are charged a 20 cent fee.

Are there limits to the cheques that can be deposited using Mobile Cheque Deposit?

• Single deposit limit is up to a maximum of $21,000,000.00
• Only cheques in Canadian Dollars drawn from a Canadian financial institution account can be deposited using Mobile Cheque Deposit.
• US Dollar cheques cannot be deposited using Mobile Cheque Deposit at this time.
As an Administrator you can begin depositing Canadian cheques through Business Mobile right away. Similar to bill payments and transfers entitlements, you can give  permission to your users through ATB Online Business.

What’s new with Interac e-Transfers for Business on my phone?

You can now send and receive money using ATB Business Mobile, as well as:

• Change the business name or email address used when sending money
• Manage your recipients list
• Cancel or resend notifications for pending e-Transfers
• Review e-Transfer transaction details and history
• Approve or decline e-Transfer transactions

What if I can't send an Interac e-Transfer but I have the tab showing in my ATB Business Mobile app?

Sign up online here (just click the "get it now" button), or call us at 1-855-941-4912 to enroll.

What if I have questions while using the app?

Please call the Customer Care Centre at 1-866-282-4932 for assistance. 
If you are a Corporate Financial Services (CFS) client, please call 1-877-363-4855 for help.
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