Max-It® Loan

A second chance to take your RRSP contributions to the max.

Know your options

Our team of advisors can help you do the math and figure out if it's a good idea to borrow to max out your RRSP contribution room.

Maximize your RRSP

​Catch up on your unused RRSP contributions. Borrow up to $75,0001 at either a fixed or variable interest rate to apply to your RRSP.

Repay on your terms

Making sure you can repay the loan and interest is key in ensuring a positive return on investment. Our flexible terms will help you do that with repayment terms from 1 year to a maximum of 5 years.

Key product details

Interest rate Fixed or variable, based on ATB's prime rate, ranging from 7.20%-14.20%1
Repayment term 1-5 years
Maximum amortization 10 years
Maximum loan $75,0002
Repayment frequency Flexible
Early repayment In full at any time, no penalty

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can have multiple loans, but the total amount of money you borrow through the RRSP Max-It Loan program cannot exceed the $75,0001 maximum, even if that amount is spread out over several loans.

Yes. You can repay the loan in full at any time without penalty, or simply save on interest by making payments more frequently.

It depends. One of our specialists can help you determine if your return on investment will outweigh the interest you will pay.

RRSPs are not the only account you can use for retirement planning. Investing early and often is key, and our advisors can help you determine if borrowing to top up your RRSP is best, or if just starting to contribute regularly to an RRSP or TFSA will help you reach your goals faster.

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Let us help you figure out if it's a smart move to maximize your RRSP contributions with the RRSP Max-It Loan.

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