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Springboard Savings® Account

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All-access, no-risk saving that grows your wealth and our province.

Earn on all balances. Pay no monthly fee.

Earn interest without the obligations.There’s no minimum balance, but you'll earn even more on balances over $5,000. Every nickel you deposit goes to work for you.

Get unrestricted access

Enjoy one free withdrawal a month at any ATB branch or automated banking machine (ABM). You'll pay for additional debits, but deposits and transfers to ATB accounts are free.

Your money works harder for you—and Alberta, too.

When you save at ATB, you’re making sure your money stays here in Alberta, where it gets turned into loans for the people, places and businesses that make Alberta, Alberta.

Key product details

Interest earned $0 - $4,999.99: 1.00%1
$5,000 - $249,999.99: 1.35%1
$250,000 and over: 1.50%1
Monthly fee $0
Interac e-Transfer® $1.50 each
Interac e-Transfer Request Money $1.50 each
Global Transfers $50 - $999.99: $5 CAD
$1,000 - $10,000: Free
Special countries: $15 CAD

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. The Springboard Savings Account can be a joint account.

After using the one free withdrawal available to you each month, the following fees will apply when moving money out of your Springboard Savings Account.

  • $5 each for in-branch and ABM withdrawals and transfers
    • Transfers made through telephone banking are not charged a fee
  • $5 each for cheques drawn on your account
  • $5 each for outgoing electronic transactions
  • Additional service fees apply to Interac e-Transfers and Global Transfers

Transactions such as bill payments also carry an additional fee, which is added to the withdrawal fee. 

For more details on our services and fees, see Additional Services and Associated Charges.

This account is designed as a traditional savings account that allows you to work toward your goals and earn a competitive interest rate on the money you save. You can still perform transactions through this account, but you will have to pay extra. Consider opening a chequing account as well. That will save you from paying for every transaction.

Different interest rates are applied to each tier of the daily closing balance of the account—one tier being the portion of the balance below $5,000, another tier being the portion of the balance between $5,000 and below $250,000 and the last tier being the portion of the balance $250,000 and above.

Within Alberta, you pay regular fees at non-ATB ABMs. You should be notified of these fees and prompted to approve them before proceeding with the transaction.

Withdraw cash at any non-ATB ABM outside Alberta, but within Canada, for a fee of $1.50 per withdrawal (this does not include fees you may agree to pay when making the withdrawal at the non-ATB ABM).

Travelling outside of Canada? Withdraw cash at any ABM on the Cirrus® network for a fee of $5 per withdrawal (this does not include fees you may agree to pay when making the withdrawal at the non-ATB ABM).2

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