Savings Accounts

Springboard Savings® Account

All-access saving. No risk. No fuss. No monthly fee.

Earn premium interest

​Enjoy higher interest rates without the obligations. No minimum balance, but you'll earn even more on balances over $5,000.

Get unrestricted access

One free withdrawal a month at any ATB branch or automated banking machine (ABM). You'll pay for additional debits—but deposits and transfers to ATB accounts are free.

Save on fees

A high-interest savings account with no monthly fee. Every nickel you deposit goes to work for you, not into someone else's pocket.

Key product details

Interest earned $0 - $4,999.99: 0.10%1
$5,000 and over: 1.00%1
Monthly fee $0
Interac e-Transfer® $1.50 each
Interac e-Transfer Request Money $1.50 each
Global Transfers $50 - $999.99: $5 CAD
$1,000 - $5,000: Free
Special countries: $15 CAD

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. The Springboard Savings Account can be a joint account.

  • $5 each for in-branch withdrawals and transfers
  • $5 each for cheques
  • $5 each for electronic transactions (deposits are free)
    • in addition to standing fees for Interac e-Transfer and Global Transfers
    • includes ABM withdrawals (in addition to any over limit fees)
  • Transactions conducted by telephone banking are free

This account is designed as a traditional savings account that allows you to work toward your goals and earn a competitive interest rate on the money you save. You can still perform transactions through this account, but you will have to pay extra. Consider opening a chequing account as well. That will save you from paying for every transaction.

Different interest rates are applied to each tier of the daily closing balance of the account--one tier being the portion of the balance below $5,000, and the other tier being the portion of the balance $5,000 and above. For example, a balance of $8,000 in a Springboard Savings Account would receive an interest rate of 0.10% on the first $4,999.99 and an interest rate of 1.05% on the remaining $3,000.01

Within Alberta, you pay regular fees at non-ATB ABMs. You should be notified of these fees and prompted to approve them before proceeding with the transaction.

Withdraw cash at any non-ATB ABM outside Alberta, but within Canada, for a fee of $1.50 per withdrawal (this does not include fees you may agree to pay when making the withdrawal at the non-ATB ABM).

Travelling outside of Canada? Withdraw cash at any ABM on the Cirrus® network for a fee of $5 per withdrawal (this does not include fees you may agree to pay when making the withdrawal at the non-ATB ABM).2

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