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A simple, secure and almost-instant way to send and receive money.

Send and receive money easily 24/7

Send and receive money by email through online or mobile banking. Just make sure both the sender and receiver have a Canadian dollar bank account.

Send and receive money securely

Money is transferred in a secure, password-protected environment. Because no banking information is exchanged, it's safe.

Make receiving money simple

With Autodeposit, your account is linked to your email address, so funds sent by Interac e-Transfer will be automatically deposited. No security questions asked.

Request money you’re owed

Need to remind a friend to pay you back for that movie? Ask them to pay you by Interac e-Transfer with a Request Money email.

Key product details

Fee to receive an Interac 
No fee
Fee to send an Interac 
$1.50 fee may apply1
Interac e-Transfer Request Money fee $1.50 each
Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit fee No fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments by Interac e-Transfer can only be sent and received through Canadian dollar (CAD) accounts, in CAD amounts.

Voila! Your part is done. The recipient will get an email confirming that the transfer has been sent, with the dollar amount and instructions for how to deposit it. If the recipient has the Autodeposit feature enabled, any money sent via Interac e-Transfer is automatically deposited directly into their bank account, without having to answer a security question. You’ll get an email once the recipient has accepted the transfer.

If the recipient hasn't accepted the transfer within 30 days, the transaction will be cancelled and the money returned to your account. Interac will send an email reminder to the recipient automatically after 7 days and you also have the option to send up to 5 manual reminders to accept payment within the 30 day time period. See this short video from Interac explaining how it all works.

Absolutely. These accounts include unlimited Interac e-Transfer transactions in their monthly fee:

Interac e-Transfer Request Money is a way to send an electronic invoice or remind someone to send you money. The person you request money from will receive an email they can respond to immediately via Interac e-Transfer. And they’ll receive request reminders if they forget.

If the recipient hasn't sent the transfer within 30 days, the request will expire. Interac will send an email reminder to the recipient automatically after 7 days and you also have the option to send up to 5 manual reminders to request payment within the 30 day time period.

You can request between $10 and $3000 per transaction and have up to 250 outstanding requests at a time. See this short video from Interac explaining how it all works.

Autodeposit links your email address to your ATB account, so all transfers sent to that address will be deposited automatically and securely into that account—no questions asked. Each time you receive funds by Interac e-Transfer through the Autodeposit feature, you'll receive an email with the sender’s name, the amount deposited, and any message the sender included.

If you have not received the Autodeposit verification email from Interac®, first check your junk email folder. If you still can't find the notification, check that you have entered the email correctly in the rule, by logging back into ATB Online or the ATB Personal app.

Note that, for the Autodeposit feature to work, both the sender’s and the receiver's financial institution must be capable of handling the transfer. If the sender’s financial institution hasn’t upgraded, you will still be required to answer the security question. See this short video from Interac explaining how it all works.

Money being sent to a recipient registered for Autodeposit will take the same time as a regular Interac e-Transfer transaction. Most transfers will be sent in near realtime, but there could be up to a 30-minute fraud delay based on the amount of the transfer, or if you have no history of receiving money from that sender before.

Yes. There are limits to how much you can send and receive each day, week and month. These limits are rolling limits, which means the amounts sent or received via Interac e-Transfer are combined to give the overall limit total. See here for more details.

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