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Compass™ Balanced Portfolio

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The balance of risk and reward, portfolio growth and stability.

A balanced investment option

​The CompassBalanced Portfolio strikes a middle ground between lower-risk income investments and equities with higher potential returns.

For the long haul

​An ideal choice for those looking for a medium-to-long-term investment. We use disciplined strategies to keep you moving steadily forwards.

Modest risk, modest returns

A low-fee, low-maintenance investment vehicle that produces modest returns through a balance of income and long-term capital appreciation.

Key product details

Series A (other series available)1
Risk rating Low
Performance Check past performance2
Fees (December 31, 2019) 1.83%
Minimum initial investment $100
Minimum additional investment $25
Currency CAD
Distribution frequency Semi-annual

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors who:

  • have a medium-to-long-term investment horizon
  • are looking for a balance of income and long-term capital appreciation
  • are willing to accept modest fluctuations in the value of their investments
  • are interested in a low-risk investment
  • want a low-maintenance investment vehicle
  • want to diversify their portfolio not only by asset class, but also by investment manager and management style
  • want professional advice in choosing and monitoring their asset mix

This fund is not a good fit for you if you have a short-term investment horizon, or if you are unwilling to accept moderate fluctuations in the value of your fund.

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