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Compass™ Conservative Portfolio

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Mutual funds as resilient as you are.

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If you're a cautious investor who wants higher returns than a GIC, and a lower-risk investment, this portfolio is the right fit for you.

Enjoy stable, steady returns

Get the highest percentage of fixed-income securities of any of the Compass Portfolios, so you have a clearer picture of your future returns.

Shield your investment

A portfolio of diversified fixed-income investments, and a minimum exposure to equities help insulate from rising prices and shocks to market sectors.

Key product details

Series  A (other series available)1
Risk rating Low
Performance Check past performance2
Fees (as of December 31, 2019) 1.30%
Minimum initial investment $100
Minimum additional investment $25
Currency CAD
Distribution frequency Semi-annual

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors who:

  • have a medium-term investment horizon
  • are looking to earn interest income with potential for some capital appreciation, while preserving their principal
  • are willing to accept modest fluctuations in the value of their investments
  • are interested in a low-risk investment
  • are interested in a low-maintenance investment vehicle
  • wish to diversify their portfolio not only by asset class, but also by investment manager and management style
  • want professional advice in choosing and monitoring their asset mix

This fund is not for you if you're looking for long-term capital appreciation, or if you're not willing to accept modest fluctuations in the value of your fund.

In addition to the several different types of investments included in this portfolio, Compass Portfolios are diversified by largely different types of bonds, and stocks geographically, and by industry.

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