​Investment Savings

Get your money working for you. Grow your savings with perks like tax benefits, guaranteed returns and expert advice.

Earn more as you save

For a limited time, net new contributions to a First Home Savings Account Daily Interest Account, Tax Free Saver Account and RRSP Daily Interest Account receive a bonus up to 2.3%*. Learn more. 

How investment savings can work for you.

Make your money multiply

Take money you've worked hard for and put it to work for you. We offer investments for every budget and savings goal, including US dollar options.

Be tax-smart

Many investment savings options include the benefits of tax-deferral or tax-free returns on your initial investment.

Save with intention

Whatever you’re saving for, we know it’s important to you. We’re here to help get you there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your best bet is to talk to one of our experts at ATB Wealth™. They can help you set up a customized investment plan--or just point you to the individual investment or account that will help you meet your savings goals. 

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