Investment Savings

Tax-Free Saver Account

All the interest without any of the taxes

Earn premium interest

Save your money in a high interest rate account that grows your savings tax-free.​ Any interest earned won't be taxed when withdrawn.

No minimum balance required

Invest annually, based on your contribution limit, and access your funds at any time.

No upper age limit

The Tax-Free Saver Account is open to anyone 18 years of age or older with a valid Canadian social insurance number (SIN).

Earn more as you save

For a limited time, net new contributions to an Tax-Free Saver Account receive a 2%* bonus.

Key product details

Interest earned See current rates
Fees No fees
Minimum balance No minimum balance
Minimum monthly contribution $0 ($25 recommended)2
Cashable Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

A Tax-Free Saver Account is a way to accumulate money, over a period of time, and contribute to your government-registered Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). The interest you earn on your saved money is tax free.

A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a government program designed to help individuals save money tax-free throughout their lifetime. Individuals (Canadian residents 18 years of age or older with a valid Social Insurance Number) are allowed to deposit a set amount3.

An ATB Tax-Free Saver Account acts as a cash account portion within a TFSA. It can help you save money on a regular basis. Then, if you wish, you can deposit those funds into investments like GICs to get the maximum benefit each tax year.

Unfortunately the Tax-Free Saver Account can only be held as an individual account. As the sole account holder, only you can make contributions, withdrawals and decide how to invest the funds.

You cannot make contributions on behalf of other individuals, but you can give others, such as your spouse or common-law partner, money to contribute towards their own Tax-Free Saver Account.

You can withdraw funds from your ATB Tax-Free Saver Account at any time.

When it comes to replacing the funds that you have withdrawn this calendar year, you can only replace all (or a portion of) those funds in the same calendar year if you have remaining contribution room. Otherwise you will have to wait until the next calendar year when the contribution room is re-calculated.

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