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Compass™ Portfolios

Making investing attainable for all Albertans.

Full access mutual funds

Mutual funds made exclusively for Albertans, with full access to an award-winning portfolio model designed to optimize your savings.

Something for everyone

​Choose one of six Compass Portfolios or build a customized portfolio with equities and fixed-income investments from our pool funds.

Customized investment plans

​Through diversification and disciplined strategies, our investment managers help you build your financial future's foundation.

Diversified portfolio design

Whether with a Compass Portfolio or a custom one, you can diversify by geography and industry to withstand shocks to individual sectors.​

Expert investment managers

​Instead of relying solely on an in-house team, we seek out and leverage the expertise of some of the best investment managers in Canada.

Low management fees

Fees matter, and ATB Investment Management Inc. is committed to managing costs, to provide you with the best value possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

ATB Investment Management Inc. (ATBIM) manages the Compass Portfolio series and the equity and fixed income pools. 

Even though ATB is based firmly in Alberta, your investment will benefit from a nationwide pool of knowledge and experience. Instead of relying only on an in-house team, we seek out and leverage the expertise of some of the best investment managers in Canada. We engage a team of arms-length (contracted) sub-advisors chosen for their multilevel expertise, philosophy, practices and performance history. Because these sub-advisors are not employees of ATB, their contracts are dependent on the continued performance of the portfolios they oversee—which means that if we think your investments aren't being adequately managed, we can put someone better-equipped on the job.

With investing, cost matters. Managing costs translates to lower pricing and more portfolio value for investors.

No. Mutual Funds aren't insured or guaranteed by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, or guaranteed by ATB Financial, ATBIM, ATBSI, the province of Alberta, any other government or any government agency.

Our equity and fixed income investment pools contain some of the same individual components as ATB's Compass Portfolio mutual funds, but the big difference with our pool investments lies in the investor's ability to customize their own portfolio. While some investors prefer to work with an all-in-one portfolio solution like a Compass Portfolio, the pool investments allow you to precisely balance your ratio of equities to fixed-income investments, and to customize your exposure to Canadian, US and international equities.

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