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For a limited time, get up to $4,000 cash on select 5-year residential mortgages. Click here for details. Hurry, offer ends October 31, 20241.

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Take advantage of rates as low as 4.59%* on select 5-year mortgages with the ATB Rate First Mortgage. Get started now.

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You can also get an exclusive rate of 4.74%* with select 4-year residential mortgages2. Connect with us to learn more.

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Term Residential Mortgage Rate First Residential Mortgage
5 Year High Ratio 4.69%* 4.59%
5 Year Conventional 4.99%* 4.90%
4 Year High Ratio** 4.74% N/A
3 Year High Ratio** 4.89% N/A

*Eligible for up to $4,000 cash offer. 

**3 and 4 year available through select ATB channels only.

3 and 4 year and Rate First Residential Mortgage are not eligible for the cash offer. 

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Wondering whether our lowest rate or some extra cash works best for you? This table highlights where they differ in key areas. If you need more specific advice, reach out to us.


Why choose an ATB mortgage?

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new mortgage or to switch from another provider, an ATB mortgage includes:

  • An application supported right here in Alberta, by Albertans with firsthand understanding of Alberta’s unique housing market and economy.
  • Dedicated specialists for self-employed Albertans.
  • Borrowing on up to 160 acres of land for primary residential use.
  • Support for multiple property types, including residential outbuildings.
  • Early renewals up to 120 days before maturity.
  • Payment timing options to suit your needs (monthly, biweekly and more).


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Frequently asked questions

With an ATB mortgage pre-approval, you’ll lock in your rate for 120 days. And if interest rates go up or down during that period? You’re still guaranteed to receive the lower rate. Not sure where to begin? Connect with us to get started.

Just apply for a select 5-year mortgage with the standard client rate, or switch your existing mortgage to ATB from another financial institution. The mortgage must be for your primary residence, in an amount of $200,000 or more, and be approved and fully advanced by October 31, 2024.  

Reach out to us to get started.

Yes, this offer is exclusive only to select mortgages with our standard client rates, but ATB has all kinds of options built to suit a variety of needs and circumstances. Connect with us to find the perfect mortgage for you.

Mortgage pre-qualification is the first step to pre-approval. It helps you figure out approximately how much you’ll be able to borrow and how much you’ll need for a down payment and closing costs. The mortgage provider won’t review your credit report or verify your financial information when pre-qualifying you. Instead, they’ll estimate how much you might eventually be approved for based on an overview of your finances including your income, assets and debts.

A pre-approval means that a mortgage provider does some of the initial background checking in advance and commits to give you a specific interest rate if you’re fully approved for a mortgage within 120 days. You’ll want to decide on a mortgage provider before starting the pre-approval process—where the negotiation process (for that promised interest rate) begins.

When should you seek pre-approval?
Luckily, it’s a simple process—just one form to fill out and having your income verified. If everything looks good, you should be granted pre-approval within 24 hours. Pre-approved interest rates apply for a set amount of time. With ATB, it’s 120 days for a resale or 180 for a new build. With other financial institutions, the rate holds anywhere between 90-120 days.

You bet you can. Just reach out to us to get the ball rolling. We're available online, by phone and in-person to guide you at every stage of your home buying journey.

Sorry, no. The cash and lowest rate offers are for primary residences only but we do have other mortgage options that work for a secondary residence. Reach out to us for more info.

We’ll deposit your bonus within 60 days following the funding of the mortgage. You’ll need a personal ATB deposit account to make pre-authorized mortgage payments in order to receive the cash incentive.

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