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Optimize your payments by customizing your user access, workflow approvals and work tasks.

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Guaranteed funds mean you can have confidence that your payments have been sent and received.

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​Add additional details with your payment, like invoice numbers, to confirm the accuracy of your transaction with your recipient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wires are the ideal payment type for:

  • Sending important large dollar, time-sensitive payments to suppliers, business partners or employees
  • Sending money outside of Canada
  • Sending money in a currency other than CAD or USD
  • Ensuring that the money sent is irrevocable, allowing the beneficiary immediate access to funds, once received by their financial institution, without concern regarding possible reversal or return.

Interac e-Transfer® may be a better alternative for amounts under $10,000, sent within Canada.

From your beneficiary (the person or business you’re sending money to):

  • Name
    An exact match to what’s on their account
  • Address
    A physical (street) address. PO Boxes, reservations, and military bases are not accepted.
  • Account number
  • Routing number(s)
    One of the following:
    • SWIFT code -  can be used for any wire, internationally, including those sent with Canada or the United States
    • Transit and institution number - for Canadian wires
    • Fedwire or ABA number - for American wires

ATB Business Online ensures that all wires are automatically checked before being sent.

If the correct routing and account information has been provided, you can safely assume that your wire has gone through successfully.

On the Confirmation screen, you will see your wire status as one of the following:

  • Scheduled
  • Processing
  • Awaiting Approval

Canadian destinations:

  • Guaranteed delivery the same day, provided time limits are met and all information provided is accurate.
  • On Canadian bank holidays,  wires are processed the next business day.

US or global destinations:

  • Delivery times vary by country and financial institution. Typically, wires will arrive  within 48hrs, but in some (rare) cases, wires can take up to 7 business days to arrive.

Pending wires need additional approvals required by additional User(s) based on your company’s workflow approval setup.

Please do not resubmit your wire as it could result in duplication. For confirmation, Click on the Approvals and Financial History menu and look for statuses for each wire such as: Pending Approval (waiting to be approved by additional User(s) based on your company’s workflow approval setup) or Processing status in wire history - Under the scheduled section

Wires in Processing status are waiting to be processed by ATB Financial. Usually after 5 or 10 minutes the wire will be actioned by ATB Financial, maybe held longer if there is an outstanding issue identified. If no issue has been encountered, it will then move to wire history under the Sent section where you will find the most up to date wire status.

There could be a number of reasons why a Wire fails.

  1. Approval Expired: Pending Wires need to be approved or not approved by 2:00pm MT on the effective date. If not, the wire will reflect an Approval Expired status. You can find this under the Approval menu and sub menu Financial Approval history section of ATB Business, which will show as Approval Expired or Approval Rejected.
  2. Failed or Canceled for reasons other than workflow approval. Such as insufficient funds, outgoing wire to a restricted destination or missing Banking Instructions.
  3. Approval Failed means one of your company’s Users has rejected the wire during the workflow approval process.
  4. Approval has not been received before the cut-off time, so it’s expired (ATB will auto-expire wires sent via Business Banking at 2pm MST on due date).

What to do:
In these events, you'll need to resubmit the wire once you've determined the cause for the wire to fail or visit the nearest ATB Branch for assistance.

All duplicated wires are automatically stopped by ATB for review when the wire has the same date, dollar value, and recipient The wires will not be released until ATB has contacted the client to confirm the desired action.

If you notice a duplication error, reach out to your Relationship Manager, ATB Client Care or ATB Cash Management for next steps.

If the duplicate was human error and ATB is asked to initiate a Recall Attempt, a service fee of $35.00 will be charged. Please note that not all recall/cancel attempts are successful. In any event, when a Recall Attempt is requested, a service charge of $35.00 applies regardless of the outcome.

To request a Recall Attempt:

Business Banking and Capital Markets clients
Contact Cash Management Support at 1-877-363-4855

If you do not have a dedicated Relationship Manager
Contact ATB Client Care at 1-888-655-5152

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