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@holyblady via Twitter asked:

How do I best use an ESPP?

“I have an ESPP and I’m wondering if you’re able to help me understand how to properly use it, or give advice.”

Erin Walker, Senior Manager Advisory Services, shares some of her thoughts on how to best use an Employee Share Purchase Plan (ESPP) and some high level things to consider when buying shares of your own company.

ESPPs are a great way to share in the success of your company. They offer additional benefits to employees like payroll deduction, reduced pricing and sometimes a matching contribution.

One of the biggest risks is overconcentration by having your wealth and income tied to the same company or industry. There are also complex rules around capital gains which you should speak with a tax professional about. For more advice on how to build a company share purchase into your financial plan, please contact a financial specialist.


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Erin Walker
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