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Day in the life of an Alberta entrepreneur

Day in the life of an Alberta entrepreneur

Posted on: July 28, 2014
Author: ATB Business & Agriculture

President of Rileys printing, Wade Sparks, gives a rundown of an average workday and why he loves his work.

Is every day the same? Far from it. But Rileys President Wade Sparks summarizes his agenda and where he makes time for family, fitness, and reflection.

The day starts with:

  • Workouts and reading, first thing.

  • Gratitude for what I have

    my health, my healthy family, a lifestyle of freedom in Canada, loyal friends, loyal employees, ability to operate a small business I am passionate about.

At the office:

  • Daily conversation with my CFO:

    Monthly sales, budgets, approvals for equipment, hiring, invoices, cheques, cash flow, AR & AP, contracts, enterprise solutions, corporate objectives, and goals.
  • Daily conversation with my Management Team about HR:

    Hiring, reviews, absences, overtime, terminations, and transfers.
  • Conversations with sales and marketing:

    Success stories, targets, current global events, pricing, competition, hosting customers, building relationships, sales forecasting.
  • Conversations regarding operations:

    On-time delivery, quality, exceeding customers’ expectations, equipment, technology, internet, cloud, meeting with vendors.
  • Executing of the strategic plan:

    Monthly/quarterly reviews, our “one thing” goals

Back at home:

  • Family time:

    Chauffeuring kids to and from activities, dinner, and homework time
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