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Cultivating productivity: That’s a capital idea!

Cultivating productivity: That’s a capital idea!

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Author: ATB Business & Agriculture

Increasing productivity may seem like a monumental task. But it will be far less daunting for business owners who choose to focus on a combination of little things to make it happen. That was the consensus during May’s Capital Ideas events in Calgary and Edmonton. The monthly events feature a panel of business owners sharing their ideas on a business-related topic with an audience of other business owners.

Dr. Joseph Lizotte of Jasper Avenue Dental shared his thoughts on productivity at the event in Edmonton.

“If we want to be twice as good as we were a year ago, we could aim for one big thing that would make us twice as good. But we think a better thing would be to do 100 things one per cent better. That will also make us twice as good,” he said.

This can be a great strategy, as long as you can keep your employees motivated to want to improve.

Since different people are motivated by different things, the first step to having motivated employees is to hire the right people to fit your organization’s culture. That’s how Christy Switzer from I Know a Guy Renovations sees it.

“Culture is really, really important. It’s not necessarily the skillset that comes first, but the fit,” she told the audience.

Hiring for cultural fit means you’ll get an employee who not only wants to be there, but knows how to be there. Once you have the right employees, it becomes easier to find a way to effectively motivate them.

Goal setting can be another key to improving productivity. It not only provides an objective to aim for, but it also acts as a measurement tool. If you’re reaching your goals, you must be doing something right!

On the flipside, if your goals are unrealistic they can hurt your productivity. Ashif Moaji, President of Trust Science shared his thoughts on that with the Edmonton crowd.

“Sometimes you’re striving for something that is just out of your reach. If we’re always looking at it and thinking—I’m never going to get that—it demoralizes me,” he said. He went on to suggest making goals specific and time dependent.

Finally, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to increasing productivity, so don’t be afraid to try things!

Capital Ideas is a monthly event hosted in Edmonton and Calgary that features an interactive panel discussion with some of Alberta’s most innovative and knowledgeable entrepreneurs. Each month, panels in each city tackle one topic relevant to entrepreneurs and small-businesses. These events are excellent opportunities to network with Alberta entrepreneurs, learn insights, and get business advice for some of your most pressing challenges.

To find out more about Capital Ideas, find an event near you, or contribute to the conversation, visit and

Be sure to register for your next local Capital Ideas event “Doing good in the neighbourhood” taking place July 15 in Edmonton and July 30 in Calgary.

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