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Understanding Registered Retirement Income Funds

Uncover the subtle differences between RRIFs and RRSPs and identify which may be a better fit for you and your retirement goals.

Helping you with year end RRIF planning

 Transferring your RRSP to a RRIF is one of the options available for establishing a retirement income stream from your registered investments.

Canada Pension Plan, understanding the basics

Understanding the benefits of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), how contributions work, what you need to know about the CPP retirement pension, and recent enhancements to the CPP.

Structuring your retirement income — the mystery of decumulation

Structure your retirement income and maximize your savings.


Understanding RESP options in Alberta

Learn about RESPs: how much you can contribute, what government grants provide, and what happens if your child doesn'tt attend a post secondary institution.

What do I need to set up an RESP?

There are 3 basic documents needed to set up an RESP. Learn what they are so you can be prepared and make the process quick and easy.

What do you need to withdraw money from an RESP

In order to withdraw funds from your RESP you'll need to complete some steps for validation. Read through as we uncover what these steps entail.

Maximize Your RESP Contributions

Take advantage of the government grant that matches up to 20% on your contributions to an RESP and learn about carry-forward room for missed contributions.


Charitable giving and estate planning

Uncover the subtle differences between RRIFs and RRSPs and identify which may be a better fit for you and your retirement goals.

The intelligent donation

A donor advised fund (DAF) may be a good option for high networth individuals seeking to create a legacy.

Tax and Protection

What is the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)?

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is an American law that aims to prevent US taxpayers from using accounts held outside the US to evade American taxes

Tax highlights from the 2019 federal budget

Tax measures announced in the budget includes changes impacting registered plans, the stock option deduction cap, Canada training credit and more.

What is Common Reporting Standard (CRS)?

Common reporting standard, or CRS, is an international organization aimed at preventing tax evasion.

Tax and investment planning tips for 2019 year end

With 2019 soon coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about year-end tax and investment planning. 

Investing and Saving

The ATB Wealth Investing Fundamentals Guide

Grow your knowledge of investing and increase your confidence around managing your money.

Don't fear volatility

We decipher between the two and explain how we manage volatility and risk through diversification.

Gold as an Investment

Gold is a lot of things to a lot of people, but is it a sound investment? Does it have a place in your portfolio?

Successful investing made simple

Ensuring your money is managed responsibly, helps new investors feel less intimidated, especially during turbulent times.

What can a financial advisor do for you?

Your world is busy, and getting financial advice can help take the worry away. This is when working with a financial advisor can get your money working for you.


Does market timing work?

Our best investing advice—because no one can perfectly time the markets.

The yield curve has inverted!

Inverted yield curves can predict recessions. Should you get out of the market? What does an inverted yield curve mean? Don’t panic.

Investing through geopolitical uncertainty

Despite the headlines of 24 hour news stations, economists and analysts, remaining calm and sticking to your plan is what will help you achieve investing success. 

How will the Trans Mountain Pipeline decision affect my investments?

We wanted to address those concerns and explain what the decision could mean for your investments.


Building a positive relationship with money

It doesn't matter how much money you make, with a little knowledge and practical tools, anyone can have a healthy relationship with money.

Behavioural Investing 101

Emotions and irrational investment decisions can negatively impact financial success.

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