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ATB Load & Go® Prepaid Mastercard®

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No credit checks. No debt. Just full control of your spending!

Stick to a budget

Introducing your new budget buddy. You can only spend what you’ve already loaded, so you won't be stuck with a bill at the end of the month.

Stay super secure

Even if your card is lost or stolen, no crook can access your cash accounts or rack up charges above and beyond the card balance. You're also protected against unauthorized transactions.

Get one for the kids

No credit check is required, so kids can enjoy the convenience of their own credit card without either of you worrying about overspending.


Moving money onto your card is a snap with ATB Personal or the ATB Personal app. The money moves instantly from your ATB account and there’s no minimum balance.


Once you've loaded funds onto your card, it can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. You can use it to make point-of-sale or online purchases, use it internationally or with a mobile wallet for contactless or in-app purchases.


Track your Load & Go balance, automate reloads and review pending transactions through ATB Personal and the ATB Personal app.

Key product details

Monthly fee $1.25
Maximum load amount $10,000 daily
Maximum card balance No limit
Daily withdrawal limits Point-of-Sale (POS): $5,000
Automated Banking Machine (ABM): $3,000
Additional fees Foreign currency conversion fee: 2.9%
Rush card replacement fee: $29
Dishonoured payment fee: $40

Frequently Asked Questions

There are key similarities and differences. Like similar cards, our prepaid Mastercard can be loaded with funds from your chequing account but, unlike similar cards, it is not connected to your cash accounts. (In other words, it can't be used like a regular debit card.)

It is a prepaid Mastercard that works anywhere Mastercard is accepted, with a few differences:

• There is no credit limit (because you're not borrowing). You decide how much of your cash you want to load onto it.

• It does nothing to affect your credit rating and no credit checks are required. The only requirement for eligibility is that you're an Alberta resident.

• It's not linked to your cash accounts in any way. This means that thieves/hackers won’t be able to access your account or rack up illicit purchases with your Load & Go, so you can use it with peace of mind.

ATB's Load & Go Prepaid Mastercard works at ABMs across the world. Pay only $3.50 per transaction for ABM withdrawals within Canada2 and $5.00 per transaction for ABM withdrawal outside of Canada2. Additional fees that may be charged when using a non-ATB ABM.1

Absolutely. You can easily add funds to your prepaid Mastercard, check your balance and track your spending with ATB Personal banking or the ATB Personal banking app.

It's called Mastercard Zero Liability, which means that, if your card is used for an unauthorized transaction, as long as you’ve used reasonable care in safeguarding your card and PIN and you report the loss or theft of your card to ATB Financial immediately after becoming aware of it, you won't be held responsible for fraudulent charges. So you can rest easy. Also, as soon as we learn that your card is stolen, we will cancel it and issue a new one with access to whatever funds you’d already loaded. 

It is possible (but unlikely) that a transaction will put your card into a negative balance. As stated in your Load & Go Prepaid Mastercard Cardholder Agreement, if this does happen, you must immediately repay the amount owed.

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