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Use your chosen name on your personal ATB Mastercard®

Embody your authentic self when making everyday purchases with True Name.

By ATB Financial 31 May 2024 1 min read

Graphic of ATB's True Name Mastercard

Mastercard® research in 2022 gave voice to nonbinary individuals across Europe and North America, highlighting that 59% of people who identify as nonbinary say they feel unsafe while shopping. In another survey conducted by Mastercard in the same year, those interviewed shared that nearly half of transgender or nonbinary people in Canada feel anxiety, embarrassment and frustration when showing an ID that doesn’t reflect their identity.

While only one small tool in a vastly nuanced, complex journey towards equity, inclusion and belonging, True Name offers members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community a practical way to incorporate their chosen name into their everyday life, and help ease uncomfortable, discouraging or potentially unsafe encounters when making purchases.


What is True Name?

Put your chosen and true name on your ATB Financial personal Mastercard with True Name—without the need to go through the time-consuming legal name change process.


Which cards can I use True Name on?

We offer True Name on all ATB Financial personal Mastercards, including ATB Gold Cash Rewards Mastercard, ATB Gold My Rewards Travel Mastercard, ATB World Elite Mastercard, ATB Preferred Fixed-Rate Mastercard, ATB Preferred Variable-Rate Mastercard, ATB Alberta Mastercard, and ATB US Dollar Mastercard.

We’re actively exploring how to incorporate this feature across other banking products and services in the future.


How can I verify my identity using a True Name Mastercard ?

We're here to support you. If a merchant insists that a government-issued ID matches the name on your ATB Mastercard, get them to contact our Client Care team at 1-800-332-8383 and we’ll provide verification directly.


What can and cannot be included in my True Name?

True Name allows you to feature a name that you may use with family, friends, your community or co-workers—something that encapsulates the real you. We aim to accommodate the name that matches your identity, but there are some specific requirements. For your True Name, we ask that you only use alpha characters with no numbers or special characters in that name (apostrophes and hyphens are allowed). We also strongly encourage not using humorous, fictitious or profane names.

Ready to use your True Name?

Proudly display the name you most identify with today.

Need help?

Our Client Care team will be happy to assist.