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Retail sales, unemployment rate, population growth, inflation, international trade—these are just a few of the economic trends the team makes sense of in The Owl.

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Energy sector jobs pay the most

The energy sector stands out in terms of the average compensation it offers

Bank of Canada keeps interest rate the same

Oil prices remain about 30 per cent below pre-pandemic levels. This will weigh particularly heavily on the economic recovery here in Alberta.

Energy sector jobs in Canada

The energy sector accounted for 1.6 per cent of all jobs in Canada last year or over 300,000 positions

Energy production and the Canadian economy

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ve no doubt come across stories outlining some of the challenges facing Canada’s energy sector

Restaurant and bar sales edge up in August but winter is coming

While it is good to see sales going up, five problems continue to dog the sector

Alberta retailers lost ground in August

Sales in the province over the first eight months of the year were 6.4 per cent lower than over the same period last year, leaving a $3.4 billion hole to fill

Different survey, same results: business sentiment still suffering

Firms reported that their sales prospects are limited by weak demand and precautionary health guidelines

Same story, different economic indicator

With the pandemic and other headwinds still in play, the pace at which we were heading back to pre-pandemic levels slowed

New vehicle sales still in the repair shop

While more than double the amount in April when the lockdown was at its height, sales were still 6.3 per cent below the bar set in August 2019

Growing apart: The pandemic is widening the gaps that divide us

The pandemic has highlighted a number of large divides in our society and economy

Personal protective equipment by the numbers

Alberta businesses used an estimated 43 million individual disinfectant wipes in August

Job numbers still down in most industries compared to February

Overall, the number of jobs in the province was down by 125,900 (-5 per cent) in September compared to February

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