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To make a transfer, simply log in to ATB Personal, click on the Move Money tab and then select Account Transfers.

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To transfer money to another Canadian financial institution, you'll need to provide the correct institution code, transit number and account number for the receiving account.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can transfer money from any of your ATB deposit accounts—which means chequing accounts, savings accounts and lines of credit.

Transfers to external accounts are subject to the regular transaction fees and limits associated with your particular account type. So if you have a limited number of transactions included in your monthly account fee, a transfer made after you'd exceeded that transaction limit would be subject to an over-limit fee. Many ATB chequing accounts offer unlimited transactions with no over-limit fees.

This information should be available on the receiving account holder's online banking site, as well as on their cheques and bank statements.

Even though ATB Personal web and the ATB Personal app offer many of the same tools and features, external transfers can only be completed through ATB Personal web.

If you want to transfer money to an American or other international account, consider using another online transfer option like Global Transfers.

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