How to Request Money using INTERAC e-Transfer® in your ATB Mobile app

Learn how to Request Money from a person or business using INTERAC e-Transfer in your ATB Mobile app.

This tutorial assumes that you have already created an Interac profile

  1. Log in to your ATB Mobile app
  2. From the Accounts screen, tap the + (plus sign) icon and then tap Interac e-Transfer Request Money
  3. On the Request Money screen, from the Choose Recipient... drop-down menu, select the recipient you want to Request money from 
    1. If you need to add a recipient, tap the Create New Recipient link
    2. Once a recipient is selected, you can choose to edit their details by tapping the Edit Recipient Details link
  4. From the Choose Account… drop-down menu, select the account into which the requested funds will be deposited (Deposit Account)
  5. Enter the Request Amount 
  6. If you wish, enter a Message (400 characters max, letters, numbers and spaces only) for the recipient; this message should not include the security answer
  7. You’ll be shown the profile information your recipient will see; you can edit this information if desired by tapping the appropriate link to the right
  8. Tap Continue
  9. Review all information for accuracy and tap Continue to complete the request

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